Meet the Committee

SAS Board

Samra Ahmed, President

Class of 2018


Samra, our fearless SAS leader, helps coordinate all of  the various SAS events throughout the year and essentially runs this 500+ member cultural society. She is the main point of contact for the CSE, SAC; she leads weekly meetings, meets with outside representatives to discuss partnership with SAS, and acts as the main spokesperson for the organization.

Sheina Sakhrani, Vice President

Class of 2018


Sheina, second-in-command to the President, helps bear the responsibilities of managing such a huge organization. She aids in decision making, budgeting, and planning, especially during Rangila season. 

Vishal Menon, Treasurer

Class of 2019


Vishal skillfully manages the finances of SAS, including the extensive costs of putting on Rangila, catering SAS's various formals, and keeping track of member dues. He is also responsible for reimbursements and submitting budget proposals to SAC.

Salonee Marwaha, Secretary

Class of 2021


Salonee, our secretary, is responsible for documenting the weekly meetings, sending out e-mails to the general body about upcoming events, and assisting the President and VP whenever necessary.

Sheela Ranganathan, Graphic Design Chair

Class of 2019


Sheela is the artist behind the branding and visuals of the South Asian Society. Apart from creating the Rangila logo and merchandise, she is also an integral part in the design of this website and the SAS social media.

Sama Rao, Marketing

Class of 2018


Sama is the loud and proud public voice of the South Asian Society. She artfully and creatively spreads the message of our organization with Georgetown and the larger community.


Saumya Shruti, Philanthropy Chair

Class of 2020


Saumya promotes SAS's philanthropic efforts within Georgetown and acts as the main point of contact for Lend a Hand India, the charity SAS supports throughout the year and most notably and abundantly through Rangila. She's always thinking of new and creative ways to give back to Georgetown, the DC community, and beyond. She is also head of the Rangila Fundraising Committee.


Sudhanshu Sisodia, Academic Chair

Class of 2020


Sudhanshu is responsible for finding and applying academic resources and interests to promote meaningful dialogue surrounding issues related to South Asia. He leads our Chai Chats and coordinates our Hindi lessons.

Noah Joseph,

External Affairs

Class of 2020


Noah leads our efforts to strengthen and connect our extensive SAS network of alumni and current students. He creates regular network events and coordinates SAS's social events and mixers with other cultural groups on campus. 

Jasmin Ouseph, 

Diversity Chair

Class of 2019


Jasmin serves as the liaison between SAS and other student groups (i.e. CMEA, SOCA, AASA, etc.) and oversees and supports progress toward achieving diversity and equity in our community. 

Samar Ahsan, Underclassmen Chair

Class of 2021


Samar is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and strengthening ties to underclassmen interested in the South Asian Society and its events, including Rangila!


Prashant Desai, 

Underclassmen Chair

Class of 2021


Prashant is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and strengthening ties to underclassmen interested in the South Asian Society and its events, including Rangila!


Rangila Coordinators

The coordinators are responsible for many aspects of the show, including but are not nearly limited to: creating and artistic vision for the show including the theme and storyline, selecting choreographer teams, handling stage logistics, running all major Rangila-related events, including sign-ups, blockings and dress rehearsals, spearheading fundraising efforts, and managing a budget upwards of $40,000. The show truly would not exist without their tireless efforts. 

Svena Bhasin

Class of 2018


Akila Sivam

Class of 2018


Special thanks to our Philanthropy and Stage committees